The competition is designed for all lovers of underwater photography and film, does not matter if they are beginners, amateurs or professionals. Only those works that still have not been participated in previous editions of the festival can participate. For participation in the festival it is necessary to send online digital application. All competition works must be delivered until 19. september 2021


  • GRAND PRIX MFPF – awarded in category Film
  • TOP Photographer MFPF – awarded in category Author’s portfolio
  • 1st to 3rd place in each evaluated category
  • Special prizes

Category Photography

Condition for taking part in the competition is that at least 50% of the image is underwater. Photomontage is not allowed. Allowed is only basic editing such as screens, cut, white balance, contrast, removing light points caused by flash reflection. Photographs must be taken in natural waters (except of the category creative photography ). Footage from the aquarium is not allowed. If there will be necessary to prove originality of photography the owner must submit an original RAW or JPG. In every category of the competition can photographer participate with max. 3 photos.

Competition Categories

  • A – Fresh water
  • B – Salt water
  • C – Black and white photography
  • D – Creative photography
  • E – Auhtor’s portfolio (one series of 3 photos, must contain following photos: 1.macro, 2.wide angle, theme)
  • F – Amateur photography (for amateur authors not participating in category A-E)
Each photography can competite only in one category.

Presentation of photographs

Organizer takes in each category the top 4 pictures in size 30 x 45 cm and also best author portfolio. which will be framed and displayed at the venue of the MFPF, category designation and name of the author. Outright first three places in each category will be published until after the results of the competition. The best picture may be exposed to a traveling exhibition. Anyone interested in such an exhibition should contact the organizer MFPF.

Photo tag:

Each photo must be named by the phrase: category – number of photography – name and surname (with no spaces) Example: A-1-SmithJohn Each participant will be given a registration number. Jury operates only with this number – Jury will not know the name of participant. Guidelines for sending your works All works must be sent electronically – online or by post – by courier to the data carriers (CD, DVD, USB key, memory card). The data format is JPG. Recommended file size is 45×30 cm /300 dpi. Aspect ratio 2:3 or 3:2.

Category Film

Maximum two films can be send to the competition. The total length shots of the water level must be more than 40% of the total length of the work. Recommended lenght – up to 60 min Work will be sent to the competition on the standard carriers, or using other internet cloud storage service. Each film must be send on separated media. Commentary in foreign languages must be supplied extra on standard data storage media Before and after film must be 5 secong long black footage without any text or sound elements. There should be no graphical menu on DVD or Blu Ray media. No bonus material are allowed on media. Standard carriers:Mini DV, DV, HDV, DVD, Blu Ray, USB Flash drive Recommended film format: DVD video, MPEG 2, MP4 , AVI, H 264 in standard PAL

The works in foreign languages other than Czech must be accompanied with dialog list with time code in English, German or Russian Translation.

Mailing address for works:

Mailing address: Email:
Diving club Vodnár
Námestie sv. Egídia 3/5
058 01 Poprad
Additional information:

By sending application form Auhtor confirms that his work is not violating any copyright. The organizer has the right to use the work only for promotional purposes MFPF, free of charge. The participant accepts the rules and requirements IFDF. The organizer shall confirm the participation after receiving all the works by application. Postage or insurance paid by sender. Submitted works remain in the archives of the festival. The official language of the Festival is Slovak.

Competition fee is 0 EUR.