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Dear Authors/Vazeni autori,
We are proudly announcing to you the final results of 33th International festival of diving films and photographs MFPF 2018
S hrdostou by sme Vam chceli oznamit konecne vysledky 33 rocnika medzinarocneho festivalu potapacskych filmov a fotografii MFPF 2018

We would like congratulate to all the winners. It was extremely difficult for Jury to choose the best works and in many cases result were very close.
Gratulujeme vsetkym vitazom, pre porotu bolo v mnohych pripadoch narocne vybrat tie najlepsie prace, pretoze vysledky boli velmi tesne.

Grand Prix:
Underwater Wilderness Sudan - Balazs Lerner (Hungary)
One week of diving in the best Cuban destination JARDINES de la REINA - sponsored by Diving in Cuba

1st place: Underwater Nightmare - Leonardo Sergiani(Italy)
2nd place: Wild Caribbean Whales and Volcanoes - Florian Guthknecht (Germany)
3rd place: Piruety morskych gigantov - Milan Czapay (Germany)
4th place: Der Donaulachs kehrt zuruck - Florian Guthknecht (Germany)
5th place: Angels Secrets - Elodie Turpin (Canada)

Top photographer:
Giacomo Marchione (Italy)
5 days diving package in Egypt - sponsored by 3will

Category A: Fresh water / Sladká voda
1st place: Peter Schultes (Germany)
2nd place: Viktor Vrbovsky (Czech Republic)
3rd place: Michal Cerny (Czech Republic)

Category B: Salt water / Slaná voda
1st place: Salvatore Ianniello (Italy)
2nd place: Salvatore Ianniello (Italy)
3rd place: Massimo Giorgetta (Italy)

Category C: Black and white photography / Ciernobiela fotografia
1st place: Giacomo Marchione (Italy)
2nd place: Csaba Tokolyi (Hungary)
3rd place: Giacomo Marchione (Italy)

Category D: Creative photography / Kreativna fotografia
1st place: Ferenc Lorincz (Hungary)
2nd place: Margit Sablowski (Germany)
3rd place: Margit Sablowski (Germany)

Category E: Auhtor’s portfolio / Autorske portfolio
1st place: Giacomo Marchione (Italy)
2nd place: Salvatore Ianniello (Italy)
3rd place: Massimo Giorgetta (Italy)

Best Photographer from Slovak/Czech Republic / Najlepsi autor z Ceskej alebo Slovenskej Republiky
Jozef Lukáč (Slovak Republic - Piestany)
Diving package in Croatia - sponsored by Diving in Krk

Best Authors from Slovak Republic / Majster Slovenska (prices sponsored by Zvaz potapacov Slovenska)
1st place: Jozef Lukáč (Slovak Republic - Piestany)
2nd place: Milan Lesinger (Slovak Republic - Malinovo)
3rd place: Mirko Klaučo (Slovak Republic - Kalinkovo)

Organizing committee would like to send big THANKS to all participants, without you it will be not possible to organize such a beautyfull event in High Tatras, Slovakia
Organizacny vybor posiela obrovske DAKUJEME vsetkym ucastnikom sutaze, bez Vas by nebolo mozne usporiadat tento festival vo Vysokych Tatrach.

Best Regrads/S pozdravom,
Organizing committee MFPF/Organizacny vybor MFPF

English web: www.mfpf.eu/en
Slovensky web: www.mfpf.eu

Dear friends of MFPF in High Tatras, the MFPF's goal is to encourage all starting authors to make a first step, pull their works out of the drawers or computers and come to present them to our festival. It is an ideal opportunity to compare their work with others, to gain experience, new inspiration, to gain self-confidence and motivation for further artistic creation. In addition to the main focus of the festival - movies and photos from under the water, accompanynig v event Clean Water will be part of the festival as well. You can spend free time on diving evenings, for example, in the unforgettable Grand Permon Wellness Hotel or on the dance floor. At the same time, we open the area for diving clubs to present our activities. The rich history of the festival is based on well-known diving figures such as Jean-Michel Cousteau, André Hartman, Peter Áč, Ľudovít Hanák, Richard Jaroňek, Steve L. Lichtag and photographer and filmmaker Milan Czapay. In this tradition and we want to continue, during divers evenings the festival will be enriched with interesting guests also this year.